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Reaqtor: A stateful, distributed, and scalable event processing framework based on Rx

Reaqtor is a reliable, stateful, distributed, scalable, and high performance event processing framework based on Rx. It adds state and durability primitives to Reactive Extensions to enable long-running Rx queries as a service for processing live or historic data streams. Real-world deployments of Reaqtor handle billions of standing stateful queries, processing thousands of events per second. It powers services across Bing, MSN, and M365. This JSON structure also includes content about the history of Reaqtor and links to documentation, API, demos, downloads, and blogs. The summary also includes information on a free eBook on Reaqtive Thinking and the journey to make Reaqtor available as open-source. The summary ends with a link to the last part of a series of write-ups on sequences, LINQ, Rx, and Reaqtor.