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Falco - A toolkit for building fast and fault-tolerant web applications using F#

[Falco]( is a toolkit for building fast, functional-first and fault-tolerant web applications using F#. Built upon the high-performance components of ASP.NET Core, Optimized for building HTTP applications quickly and seamlessly integrates with existing .NET Core middleware and libraries. Key features include Asynchronous request handling, Simple and powerful routing API, Fast, secure and configurable web server, Native F# view engine, Uniform API for accessing request data, Authentication and security utilities, Built-in support for large uploads and binary responses. The design goals of Falco are to provide a toolset to build a working full-stack web application, to be simple, extensible and integrate with existing .NET libraries, and can be easily learned. To get started visit the documentation on Stay in touch with Falcos latest updates and news by following **@falco_framework** on Twitter.