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C4-Builder: A Documentation Builder for Feed it Markdown and PlantUML Files

C4-Builder is a documentation builder that takes in .md and .puml files and exports them into a site, PDF, or Markdown with navigation. GitHub offers a multitude of products, packages, security checks, and code management tools to facilitate most software development workflows. These tools can help to automate any workflow, host and manage packages, find and fix vulnerabilities, set up instant dev environments, write better code with AI, manage code changes, and plan and track work. GitHub also offers tools for collaboration outside of code, including Discussions and ReadME community articles. The platform caters to multiple types of users, including enterprises, teams, startups, and educational institutions. It offers solutions for various software development practices such as CI/CD and automation, DevOps, and DevSecOps, along with resources like case studies, customer stories, and open source projects. GitHub also provides a platform for funding open-source developers and features repositories, topics, trending, and collections. With 84 forks and 496 stars, C4-Builder is a popular open-source documentation builder that is licensed under the MIT License.