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Structurizr for .NET

Structurizr for .NET is a client library for the Structurizr cloud service and on-premises installation. It is not as well supported as the original Java version and lacks some newer features. The Structurizr DSL is recommended tooling for authoring Structurizr workspaces unless you are planning to use .NET code to generate parts of your software architecture model, while Structurizr CLI can be used to push/pull workspaces and export views to PlantUML, Mermaid, etc. The package includes multiple diagrams such as System Context, Container, Component, Dynamic, Deployment, and System Landscape diagrams. Additionally, users can filter views and style relationships and elements. The Client-side encryption is also available. The provided code example can be used to create a software architecture model that describes a user using a software system. The view can then be exported to be visualized using the Structurizr cloud service or an on-premises installation. The package has an Introduction section that includes Getting Started, Binaries, API Client, and FAQ subsections. Additionally, the package offers a Model section that includes Implied relationships subsection, and an Other section which offers a client-side encryption option. The package also includes a Table of contents section that explains the available diagrams and their respective sections.