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AI Experts Distancing Themselves from Musk-Backed Campaign Due to Concerns Raised from 12 Pieces of Research

Four AI experts have expressed their concerns after their work was cited in an open letter demanding an urgent pause in research signed by Elon Musk; the letter cites 12 pieces of research stating that AI systems pose profound risks to humanity, particularly due to their human-like conversation and summarization abilities. Critics of the Future of Life Institute, primarily funded by the Musk Foundation, have accused the organisation of prioritising imagined apocalyptic scenarios instead of more immediate concerns about AI. FLI president Max Tegmark clarifies that the campaign is not about slowing down any company or hindering OpenAIs corporate advantage. Shiri Dori-Hacohen, an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut, criticised her work being mentioned in the letter, arguing that AI does not need to reach human-level intelligence to exacerbate existential risks such as climate change and nuclear war.