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Super-charging git rebase with git absorb

In this post, Andrew Lock talks about using the git-absorb tool to automatically create fixup! commits for use with git rebase. He explains what git-absorb does, how to install it, and how to configure it. Andrew also discusses how to use the --autosquash option of Git rebase to automatically rearrange the commits when performing an interactive rebase. He describes the workflow that takes a little bit of manual work out of the interactive git rebase and how --autosquash workflow does not help with splitting up the big list of uncommitted files into small pieces that are necessary to create all the fixup commits. Andrew introduces git-absorb, a magical tool that looks through the uncommitted changes, and works out the sequence of fixup commits that are necessary to absorb the changes into previous commits. He uses a quick example to show how to use git-absorb and generate fixup commits using the default settings.