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Event-driven Kubernetes testing with Testkube and Tracetest

Configuring CI pipelines for running trace-based tests in Kubernetes is tedious work. Especially if you need to trigger tests based on Kubernetes events. Look no further! Once you’re done reading, you’ll learn how to set up event-driven, trace-based testing in Kubernetes! We are pleased to announce that Tracetest now works with Testkube, the Kubernetes-native testing framework. By using a Testkube executor to build an integration with Tracetest, you can now run event-driven trace-based tests in your Kubernetes cluster! Check out this hands-on Demo example of how Tracetest works with Testkube! Testkube is an open-source project, part of the CNCF landscape, and testing framework designed for testers and developers who use Kubernetes. It integrates test orchestration and execution into Kubernetes and your CI/CD/GitOps pipeline. You can automate the execution of your tests, regardless of the testing framework, by using Testkubes executors or creating your own. By adopting Kubernetes constructs and GitOps, you can perform K8s-native testing. Use any CI/CD framework for any testing scenario. Analyze all your test results in a centralized place. Debug test failures with ease. Tracetest is an open-source project, part of the CNCF landscape. It allows you to quickly build integration and end-to-end tests, powered by your distributed traces.