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Overview: Run GitHub Actions Locally with act

act is a tool that allows you to run your GitHub Actions locally, providing fast feedback and acting as a local task runner. When you run act, it reads your GitHub Actions from .github/workflows/ and determines the actions that need to be run. It uses the Docker API to pull or build the necessary images and runs containers for each action based on the images prepared earlier. The environment variables and filesystem are all configured to match what GitHub provides. For more information, please refer to the act user guide at To install act, you would need to have Docker installed on your system. The installation process for Docker varies depending on the operating system you are using. For macOS, follow the steps outlined in the Docker Docs for installing Docker Desktop for Mac. For Windows, follow the steps for installing Docker Desktop on Windows. For Linux, you will need to install Docker Engine. act is currently not supported with podman or other container backends. Please see issue #303 on the act GitHub repository for updates. If you are using Homebrew on Linux or macOS, you can install act using the package manager. To install act using Homebrew, run the following command in your terminal: brew install act.