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Argo Workflows - The workflow engine for Kubernetes

Argo Workflows is a workflow engine designed specifically for Kubernetes. It provides a powerful and flexible platform for defining, managing, and executing complex workflows. With Argo Workflows, users can easily automate their Kubernetes deployments and streamline their development processes. It offers features such as workflow templates, cluster workflow templates, cron workflows, HTTP templates, container set templates, data sourcing and transformations, access control, service accounts, lifecycle hook, synchronization, step level memoization, template defaults, enhanced depends logic, node field selectors, resource duration, estimated duration, workflow progress, workflow creator, and various patterns like empty dir and cron backfill. Argo Workflows is widely used by individuals and organizations in the Kubernetes ecosystem, and it has a thriving community that actively contributes to its development and provides support. Get started with Argo Workflows today and experience the power of Kubernetes workflow automation.