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Current State of C# Platform Support in Godot 4.2

With the recent release of Godot 4.2, projects that use C# can now export to Android and iOS. Let’s take a look at the current platform support for C# projects and what to expect from future releases beyond 4.2. Godot 3 supported exporting C# projects to all the platforms supported by the engine, but with the release of 4.0, the C# integration moved away from the Mono embedding APIs and replaced it with the .NET Core hosting APIs, causing a limitation in exporting C# projects to platforms other than Desktop. However, with the introduction of .NET 7.0 and NativeAOT, C# projects in Godot 4.2 now have experimental support for exporting to Android and iOS, opening up new possibilities for mobile development. The implementation is still marked as experimental and has some limitations, but the developers are actively working on making it production-ready. For exporting to Android, a minimum requirement of .NET 7.0 is needed, with support for arm64 and x64 architectures. The runtime used for Android is linux-bionic, which is a Linux runtime using the Android C library. Exporting to iOS uses the new NativeAOT runtime with experimental support in .NET 8.0. This exciting progress in C# platform support showcases Godot’s commitment to continually improving the engine and providing the best development environment for its users.