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React 19 Beta – ReactStream React Conf on May 15-16

React 19 Beta is now available on npm! This beta release is for libraries to prepare for React 19. App developers should upgrade to 18.3.0 and wait for React 19 stable as we work with libraries and make changes based on feedback. In our React 19 Beta Upgrade Guide, we shared step-by-step instructions for upgrading your app to React 19 Beta. React 19 introduces new features such as Actions, which allows for automatic handling of async functions in transitions. This enables easier handling of pending states, errors, forms, and optimistic updates in React apps. By using the new useTransition hook, developers can streamline their code and improve user experience. Actions also provide error handling and support for optimistic updates, making it easier to manage user interactions and data mutations. Overall, React 19 brings significant improvements to the React ecosystem and developer experience.