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GitHub Copilot Workspace: Redefining the Developer Environment with Natural Language

GitHub Copilot Workspace is redefining the developer environment by allowing developers to go from idea to code to software all in natural language. In the past two years, generative AI has fundamentally changed the developer landscape, with GitHub Copilot boosting productivity by up to 55%. The launch of GitHub Copilot Chat in 2023 further unlocked the power of natural language in coding. Now, with the technical preview of GitHub Copilot Workspace, developers can brainstorm, plan, build, test, and run code using different Copilot-powered agents. This task-centric experience empowers developers to operate as systems thinkers and lowers the barrier of entry for building software. The Workspace meets developers at the beginning of a project or issue, offering a step-by-step plan based on deep understanding of the codebase. Everything proposed by Copilot Workspace is fully editable, giving developers autonomy while easing cognitive strain. Once satisfied with the plan, developers can run code directly in Copilot Workspace, make changes, and iterate until achieving the desired result.