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Introducing GitHub Copilot Extensions: Unlocking unlimited possibilities with our ecosystem of partners

The world of Copilot is expanding with the introduction of GitHub Copilot Extensions, allowing developers to build and deploy to the cloud in their natural language using their preferred tools and services. Through a growing partner ecosystem, developers can now stay in the flow longer, uplevel their skills, and innovate faster. The initial set of Copilot Extensions includes partners like DataStax, Docker, LambdaTest, LaunchDarkly, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft Azure and Teams, MongoDB, Octopus Deploy, Pangea, Pinecone, Product Science, ReadMe, Sentry, and Stripe. These extensions are supported within GitHub Copilot Chat on, Visual Studio, and VS Code. Organizations can create private Copilot Extensions for their internal tooling, enabling easy access to APIs and knowledge from custom monitoring systems. Copilot Extensions streamline developer workflows by integrating multiple tools and services into a single intuitive workflow. With extensions like LaunchDarkly, DataStax, Octopus, and Sentry, developers can access documentation, view deployment statuses, and resolve issues in natural language, minimizing context switching and accelerating software delivery. GitHub Copilot for Azure brings together AI and cloud services, enabling developers to write code, retrieve data, and solve problems using a unified workflow.