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General Availability of .NET Aspire: Simplifying .NET Cloud-Native Development

General Availability of .NET Aspire: Simplifying .NET Cloud-Native Development - .NET Aspire is a new stack that streamlines development of .NET cloud-native services and is now generally available. You can get started with .NET Aspire today in Visual Studio 2022 17.10, the .NET CLI, or Visual Studio Code. .NET Aspire brings together tools, templates, and NuGet packages that help you build distributed applications in .NET more easily. Whether you’re building a new application, adding cloud-native capabilities to an existing one, or are already deploying .NET apps to production in the cloud today, .NET Aspire can help you get there faster. How to get .NET Aspire: You can get started quickly with .NET Aspire: .NET CLI: Install the .NET Aspire workload by running dotnet workload update followed by dotnet workload install aspire. See the documentation for more details. Visual Studio 2022: .NET Aspire is included in the ASP.NET and web development workload of Visual Studio 2022 17.10 as a recommended component. If you update from Visual Studio 2022 17.9 to 17.10 and you have the ASP.NET and web development workload enabled, you’ll have everything you need to get started with .NET Aspire. Visual Studio Code C# Dev Kit: You’ll need install the .NET Aspire workload via the .NET CLI via the details above. After that, the Visual Studio Code C# Dev Kit extension includes support for working with .NET Aspire in the latest stable release. Install the C# Dev Kit extension from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Why .NET Aspire? It’s been an ongoing aspirational goal to make .NET one of the most productive platforms for building cloud-native applications. In pursuit of this goal, we’ve worked alongside some of the most demanding services at Microsoft, with scaling needs unheard of for most apps, services supporting hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Working with these services to make sure we satisfied their needs ensured we had foundational capabilities that could meet the demands of high scale cloud services. We invested in important technologies and libraries such as Health Checks, YARP, HTTP client factory, and gRPC. With Native AOT, we’re working towards a sweet spot of performance and size, and SDK Container Builds make it tr