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Domain-Driven Refactoring - Jimmy Bogard - NDC Porto 2022

Duration : 01:01:29

The presentation is on domain-driven design and how to use refactoring techniques to slowly refactor an existing code base towards an actual domain model. The speaker explains how teams new to domain-driven design often believe they can only apply domain-driven design principles to a fresh, clean slate Greenfield application but this is not the case. They discuss the distillation process of selectively organizing and abstracting knowledge from users to software. The speaker goes on to explain that one great way of refactoring towards the domain model is to use test terminal design in three steps of red, green, refactor. They recommend various books for refactoring techniques and how to make existing legacy code safely testable. Finally, they take a look at the existing states of the code and the procedural set of code towards an actual domain model.