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My simple note-taking setup | Zettelkasten in Obsidian | Step-by-step guide

Duration : 00:16:31

When it comes to Zettle Cast and note-taking, there are often many questions about what to write down, which app to use, and how to structure it. The author suggests using Obsidian and 25 plugins, along with custom written python scripts and CSS snippets. They have 253 different tags with four subtitles corresponding to different levels of content maps. However, the author emphasizes that the benefits of the system do not increase with its complexity. They believe that tinkering with tags and note structure can distract from the main goal of absorbing ideas and making connections. The author presents a simple and elegant solution using just four folders and two main tags in Obsidian. They walk the reader through the setup process and explain how Obsidian functions as a wrapper for local text files. The key idea of Zettle Cast is to allow structure to emerge through interconnections rather than imposing artificial folders. The author stores all atomic idea nodes in a single folder called Zettle Casted, while having separate folders for other types of notes.