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Introducing Next.js 14 (Next.js Conf 2023 Keynote from Guillermo Rauch)

Duration : 00:29:01

The fourth annual Nexs Conf has commenced with attendees joining both in-person and online from various locations such as London, Sydney, and Barcelona. The event celebrates the growth of Nexjs, a web framework designed to create fast websites without the hassle of complex tooling and infrastructure. Nexjs has gained a large following with 850,000 monthly active developers, who are responsible for building impressive websites like and, as well as chatbots and AI applications. The core focus of Nexjs is personalization, delivering unique and customized experiences to each visitor based on their preferences and interactions. The keynote speech unveils Nexjs 14, featuring the powerful app router with flexible APIs, improved data fetching capabilities, and a stronger foundation built on streaming and web fundamentals. The update also includes enhanced documentation and a new educational platform, Learn, designed to help developers master the framework and create production-grade applications.