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Programmer’s Apprentice Season 2: Future Directions in AI-assisted Coding • Erik Meijer • YOW! 2023

Duration : 00:45:27

The speaker begins by discussing the future of programming and proposes that the current generation of developers may be the last to actually write code. They introduce the concept of Hintons Nightmare, referring to the concern that AI systems may write their own code and potentially escape control. However, the speaker sees this as an exciting development that would relieve humans from coding responsibilities. They trace the shift from optimism about AI in the past to the current fear surrounding its potential dangers. The speaker reflects on their own journey from pursuing AI to focusing on programming languages, and then returning to AI with the advancements of neural networks. They highlight the progress made in AI since the 80s and discuss the concept of non-monotonic logic. Overall, the speaker expresses enthusiasm for the future of AI in programming.