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Diagrams - Draw cloud system architecture in Python code

Diagrams is a Diagram as Code tool that allows you to draw cloud system architecture in Python code. You can use it to prototype a new system architecture design without any design tools, or to describe or visualize an existing system architecture. Diagrams supports major providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more, as well as On-Premise nodes, SaaS, major Programming frameworks and languages. It also allows you to track the architecture diagram changes in any version control system. Note that it does not control any actual cloud resources nor does it generate cloud formation or terraform code. To use diagrams, you need Python 3.6 or higher, as well as Graphviz installed to render the diagram. MacOS users can install Graphviz via brew install graphviz if using Homebrew. You can install diagrams using pip or pipenv.