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EfficientDynamoDb - A High-Performance C# library for DynamoDb

EfficientDynamoDb is a high-performance C# library for DynamoDb with a huge focus on efficient resources utilization. Due to DynamoDb extreme scaling capabilities it is very important for backend services to not waste valuable CPU time on unmarshalling responses. EfficientDynamoDb is capable of zero allocation deserialization. In general it allocates up to 26X less memory and is up to 21X faster than official .NET AWS SDK. The library has two types of API: high-level and low-level. High-level API, in most cases, is on-par with low-level in terms of raw processing speed and requires fewer memory allocations. It is recommended to use the high-level API in most cases unless youre sure about what you do. EfficientDynamoDb offers various methods like GetItem, Query, as well as Condition classes to simplify key and filter expressions. Benchmark comparisons with the official DynamoDb SDK for .NET show that EfficientDynamoDb is much faster and uses much less memory. Configurations and examples of usage are provided in the documentation.