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Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns

Established UI patterns can solve complex UI design problems effectively, yet they are underutilized in frontend development. This article explores the benefits of applying UI building patterns in the React world and showcases a refactoring journey code example. The emphasis is placed on how layering architecture can improve responsiveness and future changes. The author, Juntao QIU, is a software developer with a passion for test-driven development, refactoring, and clean code. He has published several books in the field and is a blogger, YouTuber, and content creator to help people write better code. This article discusses the evolution of React applications and covers topics such as state management with hooks, layered frontend applications, and polymorphism solutions to the shotgun surgery problem. The author emphasizes that while there isnt such a thing as a React application, establishing a modular structure using established UI patterns can make frontend applications more maintainable and scalable.