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Announcing .NET 8 Preview 4 release with new features, improvements, and upgrade path

The .NET team has released .NET 8 Preview 4 with new features and improvements. The release has a straightforward upgrade path for .NET 6 and 7 users. The release notes, installers, and binaries are available for download on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Microsoft Build 2023 is coming, and the .NET team will be hosting many sessions including technical deep dives and Q&A with their team. ASP.NET Core and EF Core have also been updated in the latest release. In addition, the release introduces a new, modern Terminal Logger for MSBuild output logging, which presents projects/builds in a way users think of the build and differentiates the TargetFrameworks a project builds for. If you want to try .NET 8 with the Visual Studio family of products, we recommend using the preview channel builds. Visual Studio for Mac support for .NET 8 isnt yet available. The Visual Studio 17.6 release has the latest features and improvements if youre sticking to the stable channel.