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How to Think Computationally About AI, the Universe and Everything | Stephen Wolfram | TED

Duration : 00:18:01

In this TED talk, the speaker discusses the power of computation and its role in understanding the universe. They explain that space and matter are made up of discrete elements, or atoms of space, and that the structure of space is defined by the network of relations between these elements. The emergence of space and everything in it is shown through the application of simple computational rules. The speaker also discusses how our computational rules can be applied in different ways, leading to different paths of history and the emergence of quantum mechanics. They propose a new paradigm in which multiple threads of time exist, requiring an observer to knit them together. The speaker introduces the concept of the ruliad, which encompasses all possible computational processes, and explains that observers like us sample specific slices of the ruliad. This new understanding of computation has implications not only in fundamental physics but also in mathematics, computer science, biology, and economics.